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Welcome to Cindy’s Decorative Painting! We offer decorative painting classes, seminars, patterns and supplies. This is a perfect combination of fun, complete projects and receive personalized instruction. Visit our store today! (Please pardon our appearence while we work on this new site!)



Mad Designs

When Cindy and her daughter, Katie Laine, work together they create MAD Designs! These exciting decorative painting projects are available for purchase in the MAD store! Go MAD with Cindy & Katie Laine!  
Mad Store

Purely Acrylics

The ACRYLIC PAINTER’S Dream Come True!  An online e-course filled with Purely Acrylic painting projects from a wonderful array of International and National acrylic artists, each with their own distinct style. Our list of artists include: Lynne Andrews, Diane Bunker, Debbie Cole, Janice Cormier, Kelly Hoernig, Karen Hubbard, Tricia Joiner, Arlene Linton, Jeanne Paglio, Golda Rader, Lydia Steeves, Beth Wagner and Christine Watson.

More Info

Cindy’s Decorative Painting

The definition of Art is the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty. Cindy’s Decorative Painting believes that painting is very therapeutic; the social aspect of attending classes, making new friends, is a perk! It is my firm belief that anyone can paint when given the right inspiration. It is a wonderous sight when a student (beginner or advanced) finishes a project to realize that they have produced something beautiful. Cindy’s Decorative Painting offers classes, participates in Art Play Date and has many project’s for sale that you can complete at home. Visit our store for a complete list of packets, art supplies and more! Have Questions? Be sure to call us at (603) 429-3556 or email [email protected]


Group Classes are held on Wednesday, two sessions – 10:00 am  to 12:30 pm and  6:30 to 9:00 pm. Private/Semi-Private lessons are available on Thursdays and are 2 , 4 or 6 hours long.  Contact Cindy for price and availability.

Acrylic Patterns

We have a wide selection of acrylic pattern packets to choose from. Patterns include step-by-step instructions, color photos and line drawings.

Pen & Ink Patterns

We have a wide selection of pen/ink pattern packets to choose from. Patterns include step-by-step instructions, color photos and line drawings. Consider taking a Wednesday class for one-on-one assistance in completing these and other projects.

Supplies & Surfaces

Looking for supplies? Cindy’s offers high quality paint, brushes, surfaces and more!

Why e-Courses?

Why take Classes Online? Times are changing! People are finding it harder to make those weekly painting classes. With Online classes, you can paint when you are ready! You do not have to get dressed and leave the comfort of your home. Just grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage), pull up your chair, pick up the brush and click ‘PLAY’ on the computer. Ta Da! you have an instant painting class! Join me in any one of my many E-courses! Each E-course comes with a full written pattern packet (written instructions, line drawing, color photo) that you may save to your computer and/or print. It is yours forever. You also will have access to the lesson video for 6-11 months depending on the project. Videos are not downloadable. How does it work? Click on E-Course at the top menu bar. Choose an E-course and “buy” it. When checking out, choose “Virtual Course” as a method of shipping. I will be notified and send you an email that will include a link to the video, a username, password and the pattern packet in .pdf format. When you are ready, click on the link to view the video!  ...

Our philosophy

At Cindy’s Decorative Painting we offer classes to all levels of students in various mediums. Our goal is to educate our students in a fun and stress-free environment. My weekly classes are limited to 6 students and everyone works on the piece of their choice.  We believe that open classes help to inspire each student to do their best. Along with our classes we offer a variety of pattern packets designed by Cindy herself and in collaboration with her daughter. Be sure to check out our Cindy’s store and Mad Designs both before making your purchase. Remember, when all else fails, spatter – and call it Folk...

Mad Designs

When Cindy and her daughter work together they create some of our best decorative painting projects. Check the our latest patterns from Mad Designs.   Mad Store